People with asthma need and deserve support. Finding asthma support from groups and resources like TalkingAsthma can prove to be a valuable tool in better living. Here we offer peer stories and tips for asthma management. 

Remember – Family, friends, and coworkers certainly need to know how to give support in an asthma emergency. It’s also important to understand that asthma can be managed and controlled – a healthcare provider should be consulted for personalized information on asthma and asthma medications.

  • What to Know About Cough Syrup When You Have Asthmatic Bronchitis
    Experts don’t recommend taking most cough syrups to help with symptoms of asthmatic bronchitis. They can make it difficult to clear the built-up mucus in the airways of your lungs. Although asthma and bronchitis are two distinct conditions that affect your lungs, people with asthma are more susceptible to bronchitis. Before you reach for the cough syrup to help relieve your symptoms, here’s what you need to know about over-the-counter (OTC) cough medications when treating asthmatic bronchitis.
  • 10 Ways to Stay Healthy During the September Asthma Peak Week
    Preparation is the key to staying healthy during the September Asthma Peak. This article identifies 10 things you should plan for in the days leading up to and during the month of September.
  • Camden’s Story – Surviving Life Threatening Asthma at Renown Children’s Hospital
    “It’s like drowning, but not in the water,” says Brittle Asthma patient, Camden Brown. Brittle asthma is a rare form of severe asthma. The term “brittle” means difficult to control. Brittle asthma is unstable and unpredictable because it can suddenly develop into a life-threatening attack. Specialists at Renown Children’s Hospital help keep care close to home for Renown’s youngest patients thanks to the generous support of the Pennington Foundation. Source:
  • Preventing Back-to-School Asthma Attacks
    Back-to-school season is a risky time for students with asthma. Allergens in the air and germs in the classroom can irritate airways and cause asthma attacks.
  • Finding Support to Help You Manage Asthma
    Getting help when you need it is important to managing asthma. Family, friends, co-workers and your healthcare team can support you in many ways. Explore these resources to help you connect with the support you need.

Asthma During Pregnancy
July 30, 2022

Pregnancy is such an exciting and special time for parents-to-be. But women with asthma who are pregnant may worry about how their disease may affect their babies.